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Hearing loss and Plasmatrohn

As a personal testimony, I have a cholesteatoma that for various reasons caused a great loss in my right ear, and after the treatment with Plasmatrohn, I recovered 50% of my hearing. And with the result of the last revision, it is in doubt whether or not it really is a cholesteatoma.

Thank you!

Edward - Madrid

Tonsillitis and Biotrohn

Yesterday my tonsils were so inflamed that I could barely speak, I was spitting out saliva because it didn't happen….

I gargled with slightly diluted cds and seawater and used the Inflammation program. This morning there is almost nothing!!! Thanks Biothrohn!! Very powerful!


Inflammations and Biotrohn

Good evening, I've been using the Biothron for a few months and I'm happy. I had back pain and it went away on the third day. I am putting that same program on my friend, who has arthritis, -Inflammation- and she is already feeling better.

Thank you very much!

Rosalba R.

Biotrohn and #pacemaker

Good morning, lovers of health and truth.

Today I want to say that precisely yesterday I put on the program of the doctor clark, complete (which I believe already contains those three phases: parasites-bacteria that lived inside the parasites-viruses that were housed inside the bacteria). The good thing is that I did it with complete peace of mind, despite the fact that in my case it is contraindicated because I am a #pacemaker.

Ah!, I got the feeling that when I finished I was breathing better.

I will continue to report.


Antonio C. - Spain

Liver Cleanse and Biotrohn

I can tell you about my experience 2 weeks ago I did the Clark method liver cleanse week without any medication, it only comes from Epson (Saturday) and Biotrohn (Sunday, programs 85/86-89-118). 

Intestinal lavage, 1 day before taking Epson salts and intestinal lavages the following two weeks with CDS and BIOTROHN. 

I have expelled hundreds of  pebbles.  I wash every 3 months and Biotrohn I produce many stones... 

I am still young without any diagnosed disease, just multiple symptoms. For an older person I would do it in a milder way. 

Works! Cds + Biotrohn + liver cleanse

Carmen - Spain -

Video testimony – France

Video testimony of Claire K. from France.

He tells us about his experience with the Plasmatrohn and the Internal Harmony program.

Thanks Claire for sharing!

Video testimonial Plasmatrohn


Claire K. - France -

Biotrohn: E. Coli infection and muscle contracture

Good morning,

Small testimonials:

As a result of antibiotics (unfortunately forced), invasion of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) which are bacteria responsible for strong liquid diarrhea and generally bloody.

Biotrohn treatment, Escherichia coli program for 4 days. Disappearance of symptoms very quickly, laboratory control: everything is back to normal, absence of pathogenic bacteria.

2nd testimony:

Strong muscle contracture in the neck, inflammation program, relief from the first session and disappearance of pain after 5 sessions.

Col B. - France -

Lyme, toxicity and Plasmatrohn

I had been diagnosed with lupus erythematosus. In a dark field analysis made with blood that I sent by mail to the Sheller Institute (based in Germany and a branch in Spain), I was diagnosed with Borrelia, heavy metals, and several pages with information on more of the same... Intoxicated, parasitized , etc… 

For all this, I did the 2 sessions with Plasmatrohn and CDs.

I have been doing detoxification, deworming, change of diet, etc etc...

My fibromyalgia disappeared, no more chronic fatigue, no more insomnia, no more sore throat or headache or bad mood, nor many things that happened to me for years.

Knowing that I have, or rather, had Lyme, led me to where I am now.

Likewise, I continue to do, unlearning and learning to improve more and more.


Lorena B. - Spain -

Biotrohn in children

I am going to tell you about my short experience with Biotrohn, I have been with him for less than 15 days and I am already more than delighted.

My 12-year-old son has had respiratory problems since he was a baby, often requiring oxygen. As he gets older, his evolution improves, but when he gets it, it lasts.

I had been suffering from obstructive bronchitis since before Christmas with a lot of boogers that don't come out.

5 days ago he got very sick and I got ready to put Biotrohn on him.

1 day: Universal frequency

2 day:  Sinusitis

3 day:  by the mañana Pulmonary pathways. And after eating, program Bronchitis.

After days 1 and 2 the snot went down to the chest and he had a bit of a bad time because he was already loaded.

After day 3 he started coughing and expelling phlegm that you can't see.

Day 4 like new!

He already asked me, this morning before school, Internal Harmony ✨😍

Thank you! And happy day.

Mai de Andrés - Spain -

Biotrohn and herpes zoster

I applied the Biotrohn program to a lady with Herpes Zoster. The result was great, after the session she already felt less pain, after 3 days she was already doing her normal things, only the yellow wound remained, that was a few days ago.

Type of treatment: 3 times a day for 7 days.

Claudia V. - Spain -

Biotrohn and bronchitis

I am a doctor.

I had bronchitis for 2 weeks... I just got cured after 2 sessions of Biotrohn! Congratulations on such great products.

FG - Brazil -

Biotrohn and pregnancy

Miracles exist.

I've been looking for a baby with my wife for 7 years. I got cancer in 2017 which we had to stop the idea.

I managed to get out and in 2021 we searched again. In November 2021 she was diagnosed with the worst breast cancer there is. He opted for chemo until May 2022, which had to be stopped due to liver inflammation problems.

That's when I bought Biotrohn and from that moment until now she has used it daily without missing a day, the detoxification, acidosis and lymphatic system programs.

They operated on her in June and everything went well. But they prescribe that he must take capecitibine until December. To say that the rule went away from the first session until it returned a year later.

Well, the curious thing is that she is now two months pregnant. Incredible!

Benjamin - Alicante

Biotrohn _various


After immune stimulation, treated people regain sleep and a lot of energy that they had lost for years.

My daughter: operated once on the channel of the ulcer in the elbow, recurrence with paralysis and loss of sensation in the fingers.

Once he had carpal tunnel and inflammation, the next day he regained feeling in his fingers.

Keep honing your results.

A friend of mine had a very annoying and irritating sore throat with mucus, she had sinusitis, during the session she heard a small "clack" in her sinuses, 2 hours later she called me to tell me that she no longer had anything, several days later still nothing .

My sister has had thyroid problems for years and is undergoing treatment. 1 month ago she had an anarchic analysis, which she did again elsewhere to check it, and they were still abnormal and incomprehensible.

4-5x thyroid program and immune stimulation.

Today was the last test.

Normal thyroid.

A friend of mine has a big problem with fluid retention, 2 lymphatic systems, she urinates a lot more. 🙏🙏👍

Mary - France

Biotrohn and fibromyalgia


I use the Biotrohn for fibromyalgia that I have suffered for 17 years and after 3 weeks there is a clear improvement. I thank my doctor for making me discover this device. I recommend it to everyone around me and many are convinced when they see my physical and mental transformation.

Thank you to everyone who works for the well-being of people.

Martine - France

Biotrohn: pharyngitis, toothache and detoxification.


I have been using the Biotrohn for two months, these are some of the results that I have been seeing so far:

1. Twice having throat discomfort, I put on the pharyngitis program and the next morning the discomfort disappeared.

2. I had discomfort in my teeth due to an intervention, I put on the Toothache program, and they disappeared.

I will continue investigating, since I am undergoing a heavy metal detoxification and the Biotrohn is accompanying me.

JL - Catellón (Spain)

Pacemaker and Biotrohn

I want to contribute a piece of information to this knowledge network, about the use of the Biothron by people with #pacemaker.

I have decided to try it today, although it has only been a quarter of an hour of program 115 (liver stimulation).

I know that the instructions for the device say that it is contraindicated, but I also recently heard Andreas Kalcker saying that it is contraindicated because they have to put it on, but that it would be okay to use it, since it is a "wellness" device...

Also, before doing my test I felt internally that I could dare. I even did a kinesiology test, also confirmed with a pendulum. Even, to have a safety net, I have done the test in the waiting room of the pacemaker clinic, in case there were any unforeseen events!

I don't know if my experience can be reproduced by other people, but at least it's shareable, and that's why I'm telling you about it.

Everyone must follow their own path, although that of others may serve as a reference.

That is why I am not encouraging you to be reckless, but only to dare to overcome the mental limitations imposed by fear.

Antonio C. - Spain

Biotrohn: broken rib and swollen knee

I will continue sharing my adventures with the Biotrohn; and it is that things do not stop happening to me. I have started the year with a broken rib and a swollen knee. Last night I put on the Inflammations program because it hurt a lot and I couldn't sleep. I have 3 sessions and I am improving and it no longer hurts to breathe. And what's better is that the knee swelling has decreased. I put the patches, one on the front ribs, the area of ​​pain, and another on the back of the thorax,  21% because they couldn't tolerate it anymore. I'm super happy!

Laura - Valencia

Plasmatrohn and chronic allergy

Hello. I have an interesting case. It is about a young man who has chronic allergies. I have done two Plasmatrohn sessions with him, allergy and pathogens program. Last week he came back delighted to be able to breathe properly and he was able to play with a dog which was never possible. His entire family is amazed by the results.

Michel R. - Alicante

Biotrohn and bronchitis

Hello, I leave you my testimony with Biotrohn. I started with a cold, quickly followed by fever and bronchitis. I used the cold, flu, bronchitis and infection programs, alternately depending on the symptoms, at least three times each regularly. After the second use of the program, my fever went down and I felt better. I supplemented with a wet cough homeo complex and herbal syrup. I managed to heal myself this way. I am very happy because, as a former smoker, my bronchitis used to degenerate and I would end up with antibiotics that would get me out of control.

Alice R. - France

Biotrohn, herpes zoster and cancer.

Testimony about the treatment of lumbar and lower limb herpes zoster, very disabling, about an immunodeficient bone marrow transplant 3 years ago and cancer.

After 1 session with the 31 shingles program, the shingles quickly dried up and the pain became more bearable and mild.

Control exams in the hospital the following week:

All the results surprisingly improved: an increase in T4 lymphocytes to the lower limit of normality and a considerable decrease in mastocytosis markers.

The only treatment he received was with the Biotrohn, which allowed for this rapid recovery that was very surprising to the medical profession.

The Biotrohn worked very deeply not only at the time of the session but also in the following days.

It's really very encouraging.

Thanks to Andréas, Maria and all who experiment for the good of all.

Patrick L. - France

Sinusitis, polyp and Biotrohn

A brief report on my experience. She had 6 years of chronic sinusitis with a closed nose. I couldn't even smell this time, but from the moment I started using Biotrohn I have been improving little by little. I have been using it daily with the Sinus program since mid-September. And today this “thing” came out of my nose (*photos), it is believed to be a 15mm long polyp. For me it has been a very positive result!

Merry Christmas to everyone from cold Sweden (-11 degrees tonight.)


Customer and user testimonialsCustomer and user testimonialsCustomer and user testimonials

Alter - Sweden

Plasmatrohn and eye disease

Patient who had herpes in the eye, felt it burning and had it constantly dry and irritated. At the end of the day it was very difficult for him to see.

There is a great improvement in vision after 6 sessions with the Plasmatrohn (Macular Degeneration program.)

He stopped having burning in the eye where he had herpes.

Since then he has not had any unpleasant symptoms and his eyesight is improving, despite the fact that he has been wearing glasses since he was a child.

Mary - France

Biotrohn and thyroid

Hello. My Biotrohn arrived yesterday. About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and put on medication for life. With biomagnetism I managed to stabilize my thyroid and I haven't taken any medication for a few years. I developed a goiter that also with biomagnetism decreased quite a bit, leaving only a few small nodules. Of course, when my long-awaited Boitrohn arrived, I started with the Frequency UAndreas Kalcker's universal program -2 times- and also the Dra. Clark program. I have noticed with these few sessions a lot of tingling in the neck... and the most interesting thing is that my hands, which hurt me A LOT, so much so that I avoided some tasks, because this pain has almost completely disappeared! I'm very happy!


Biotrohn for liver and gallbladder

Yesterday my blessed Biotrohn arrived! 

I did the Gallbladder program, which I have been in process for three weeks with dizziness and others and… wonderful! As I did, I just got rid of the resentment I had  toward someone from the past... spontaneously... when it was over I started dancing... I hadn't danced in a long time... and today no dizziness, total clarity.

Then I had a Liver Stimulus, I have had a burning sensation for more than a month from the liver, lateral to the right chest and the entire side of the right hemicranium (just the route of the Liver meridian). Well, today there is no longer that strong feeling in the head, it appeared slightly but it is very subtle! 

Super grateful to those who have made this tool possible and my friend Nisamar who introduced it to me!

Ainat - Spain

Biotrohn and chronic pain

My Biotrohn arrived recently and I have already started a few sessions. Yesterday I started the Universal Frequency program and my chronic joint pain is almost gone… I am impressed.

Diane - Canada

Plasmatrohn and cancer

I have two cancer experiences with the Plasmatrohn.

The first person to try it was my father.

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2019, it was not a very aggressive cancer and during 2020 the hospitals did not receive anyone and he began to take CDS every day in prevention against COVID (10 ml a day.)

The following studies went well, the prostate antigen was normalizing.

In 2021 he is vaccinated against COVID, 2 doses, he has to consult with the doctor who warns him that if he does not get a third dose he will not treat his cancer.

A third dose is given in January.

They do a petscanner in February and it shows that the tumor has grown very large.

A biopsy is scheduled for May.

At the beginning of March we bought the Plasmatrohn and, still not convinced, he started doing sessions once a week.

He also performs the protocol C20 and protocol R once a day 

After 5 sessions with Plasmatrohn, the biopsy is done and… they found nothing! no cancer, no inflammation, not even the scar of the tumor.

The stunned doctor.


Second experience, from this success with the Plasmatrohn I begin to create a group of frequencies to make it accessible to anyone who wants to try it.

My cancer group has 8 people already.

Christine has had cancer for 2 and a half years, it started with uterine cancer that was removed. After bowel, she goes through 17 chemotherapy sessions, she weighs 39 kilos. The cancer affects the lining of the pleural and peritoneal cavities. She arrives at the group with her husband who always accompanies her. She starts taking CDS and doing enemas, she eliminates sugar and carbohydrates from her diet.

He does 6 sessions of Plasmatrohn and then they perform a petscanner, where they no longer found anything. Cancer markers decline for the first time in 2 XNUMX/XNUMX years.

In general, the whole group has improvements, although they are not yet completely cured.

Mary - France

Biotrohn for prostatitis

I have been using the Biotrohn for several days and I have improved a lot with the Prostatitis program. to get up  4 or 5 times at night to not get up even once until the next morning. A 10 for the Biotrohn.👍🏼

Ainat - Spain

Plasmatrohn and migraines

Hello everyone,

I wanted to comment that the Alpha waves of the Plasmatrohn team helped me to eradicate migraines to a person who suffered them at least every 10 days for more than 10 years.

Mary - France.

biotrohn for anxiety

Yesterday I used the program for anxiety, which lasts 33 minutes and I don't remember anything because I fell asleep and when I woke up I had the feeling of having slept longer and deeper.  Today I woke up very well and I slept all night in one sitting.

Laura - Spain

Biotrohn for menstrual pain

Hi guys!

I'm on vacation and I've had severe menstrual cramps between yesterday and today.

Today I put the generic Aluka because I didn't see anything hormonal and I started to feel good right away. In fact, in the morning I had taken ibuprofen, but nothing helped. until that moment. Well, when I finished the Aluka program I felt in a good mood and I no longer felt pain! I will wear it daily!!

Eli L. - Barcelona

Biotrohn and Autism

Hi, I'm French and I use a translator, I hope you understand me well. 

I have 3 testimonials to bring:

I experienced a headache that instantly disappeared at the end of the program with the “headache” program even though it had been going on for 2 days. 

I think I caught the coronavirus (suddenly I had a fever, tiredness and pain): I went to bed and started the “Coronavirus” program. I fell asleep on it and when I woke up I had almost nothing left. Since I also took CDS, in 2 hours it was over. 

With a friend who has her autistic (adult) daughter, we tried the Autism program, and well, she fell asleep in the 3rd part of the program (it had calmed her down), she had well-done phrases in the hours that followed, which impressed my friend . So I lent him the Biothron until he bought one. He now uses it 2-3 times a day for a week. Her daughter is super calm, she also does protocol C and P in parallel. And her daughter, when she sees the machine arrive for a session, says: "There's the repairman!". I specify that he has a very minimal vocabulary, and since he uses the Biotrohn, he makes coherent sentences and listens to our conversations. She is less in her world and interacts with us more. Her mother thought that she could not bear microcurrents. Well, when she's too strong, she takes the patch off a little bit, but she sticks it right back on. She clearly feels that it makes her feel good.

Sophie - France

Immediate improvement with Biotrohn

Hello everyone. I would like to tell you two things. 

The first referring to my experience with the Biotrohn. I'm doing liver cleanses, once a month until no more stones come out. I already have a few. When you do these cleanses, it is advisable to do a kidney cleanse from time to time, since there are elements that filter through them and you may have a problem if you do not do it. Right after my last liver cleanse I started having a little sore in my kidneys. I already knew what that meant. This time I decided that instead of doing the herbal kidney cleanse, I was going to use the Biotrohn with the kidney boost program. So I did it. I spent two days it seemed that a steamroller had run over me, very very tired. He was like "convalescent". Like when you're recovering from an illness. But the discomfort in the kidneys decreased with the first session and disappeared with the second. On the third day he was fully recovered, out of any healing crisis. My kidney cleanse was successfully done with the Biotrohn alone.

I also tell you that my mother went a few weeks ago to a meal of an association. The next day she was not feeling well, and some other people who went to that meal were also sick. My mother does not have a gallbladder and she could barely eat. I was quite worried. She took some CDS (no specific protocol, just a glass from time to time) and she got a little better. I tried to get her to use the Biotrohn, but she was resistant. After several days, while she was still sick, I finally got her to use the Biotrohn with the general program. The improvement was immediate. She continued to use it daily and is now fully recovered. She is now a regular at the Biotrohn, and no one can take it away from her.

And now I want to talk to you about the Medalab team, for which I feel the deepest respect, admiration and gratitude. They are TRUE PROFESSIONALS, especially Anais, who is the one I have communicated with.

I had a problem charging my Biotrohn. I'm not going to give you details so as not to bore you, but I do want to tell you that the Medalab team did indeed solve the problem, going beyond what they simply could have done. The treatment and professionalism have been excellent and I am enormously grateful to them. It is comforting to know that behind the Biotrohn, there is such a professional team that truly cares and cares for its users. 

We are in good hands!

Eduardi G. - Caceres


Hello, I have had my Biotrohn for 2 months. I have given it to a girl who had problems with pain in her abdomen and lower back before and during her menstrual period and with this therapy we are obtaining excellent results. We start with 1_universal frequency and 2_generic Aluka; then we continue with 107_uterine polyps. From the moment we started (having her period) she got better, she had less bleeding and less pain. A few days ago she was with her again for her period and “surprise” it came down without pain, without clots, lasting fewer days and with less bleeding. She is very grateful and I am pleased to see the results. Now I am giving her 4_detoxification, 24_inflammations and always 107_uterine polyps.

Monica E. - Guatemala


In my opinion, when it comes to health, I consider the Plasmatron, the cds and hata yoga, as the holy trinity. Impressive and instant result of the 23_insomnia program, persistent effect throughout the day in a state of mental relaxation.

Joseph - Barcelona (Spain)

Urinary infection

Hello! I am Lizette, Naturopath, iridiologist and kinesiologist. I bought the Biotrohn about a month ago. I am very happy because it is great. I use it while accompanying people to become aware of the possible cause of their illness, and this makes healing faster. I treated a urinary tract infection with natural products and their corresponding frequency at the Biotrohn and had solution in 1 hour!!!!

Lizette - Spain


Today I had a very difficult tooth extraction. When the anesthesia wore off, it started to hurt a lot.
I decided to use the Toothache program and the pain disappeared.
I was surprised by the result that's why I share it.

Grace S.

Cholesteatoma in the right ear

I want to share my testimony about Plasmatron and Biotrohn.
I have been living with a cholesteatoma in my right ear for years. A benign tumor that can be harmful to a small or large extent, depending on its size and its evolution, and can cause facial paralysis, dizziness, brain abscesses, and even meningitis.
Due to its complexity in the operation, and not guaranteeing good results, after telling me in the last review that the operation would be convenient due to such a great loss of hearing, I decided to open myself to other options before this one.
The last audiometry estimated 80% hearing loss. After two and a half months of treatment, in the last review I have recovered almost 40%, thanks to this technology.
Not only has hearing improved, but other collateral factors, such as digestion, circulation, and mental clarity.

Science for health. It is worth investigating and understanding that our health is not for sale. If it can be healed in a safe way and without adverse effects, we have to share it.
Thanks to the entire Medalab team and to the years of research that make this possible today.

Edward - Madrid

Biotrohn for hangover

I would like to share my testimony: Saturday was a hard day for lunch and then dinner with football included.

After a night of many drinks the next day I woke up with quite a hangover and I started the Detoxification program… I guarantee you that I got rid of my hangover in an hour!

I understand that it is best not to drink but now with summer and so many social gatherings it is inevitable.


Biotrohn for stye

I tell you that I went to the ophthalmologist for a stye and he prescribed an antibiotic eye drop. But I didn't get to use it because the night before I put on the Universal Frequency program and in the morning I noticed less pressure, then I went to spend the weekend at a campsite and I was at sea, then it started to ooze and end of story, after two days the eye was healed.

Lilian Martinez

Plasmatrohn and meditation

My personal meditative experience with Plasmatrohn was very nurturing. My personal process to reach the connection through meditation was accompanied and facilitated with the Alpha and Gamma waves of Plasmatrohn. A dance of frequencies within me that made me feel a deep calm, an incredible and magical quantum journey that I recommend everyone to try.

Jessica Manjon - Spain

Muscle pain and inflammation

Hello. I wanted to share two experiences I've had this week with the Biotrohn. One is that he had a swollen gum from a tooth. It has happened to me other times and, normally, it took a week until it was cured. This time I used the Biotrohn and with just one treatment it went away in a day. On the other hand, due to a fall in the field, he had been suffering from muscle pain for 2 weeks and could not walk well. But I went on vacation and then I tried the fibromyalgia program and the next day I was walking for the first time without pain. I am delighted with the machine!


My body recovers sooner

I've had the Biotrohn for two months or so and have been using it continuously almost daily with several different programs, because I don't really know which one to put on. I can affirm that it has relieved pain by putting the one for inflammation, flatulence, etc. In general, I now bear fatigue better, despite the fact that my work rate is high. It is as if I recovered before stress and exhaustion.
Another thing that I have noticed is that I had a slim body and in these two months I feel as if my body has regained the muscular volume that it had years ago and even the firmness of the skin.

Noelia - Pontevedra


Desperate after years with candida on my body, vagina, tongue... no doctor offered me any solution.

A friend told me about Medalab and I got in touch with them.

I have carried out the treatment in Castellón, with Plasmatrohn and Biotrohn for a month.

The candida on the tongue has disappeared and the wounds in the vagina are closing.

When I have crises at night, I put on the Biotrohn and at least I get to sleep for a few hours... Since before I woke up every 3 or 4 hours from itching.

MC - Castellon


I went to Alcossebre for a few days of vacation to be able to go to the Medalab Therapy Center.

About 4 years ago I was bitten by a tick on my belly, a spot that was growing and the doctor diagnosed me with Borreliosis / Lyme.

Over the months my joints began to hurt and my mobility was increasingly reduced.

Where he felt it most was in a weight on his shoulders.

In Medalab I used the Plasmatrohn, and in the second session I already noticed as if they freed me of that weight from my shoulders.

I was only able to stay for a week, but I will return to do a complete treatment, since I still have some pain in my arms.

But I can go for a walk and do my daily chores, which used to cost me a lot, and many times I stopped halfway because of the pain.

Thanks to the great team at Medalab, I have felt at home.

Agnes - Madrid

Fever and C*vid symptoms

Hello! I no longer have a fever at last and without taking antipyretics. I have experienced that with the Lymphatic System program my fever went down and my defenses also went up. For me, in particular, it has come in very handy.
They did an antigen test on the third day of having a fever and it was negative, but I have had the same symptoms as when I had C*vid (or so they call C*vid.) The fact that I had it or not… that is no longer I know.
Thank you very much for the excellent attention!
Sonia L. - Spain

Follicular lymphoma

I was treated with chemotherapy for 6 months and then another 2 years with another treatment due to a follicular lymphoma (according to conventional medicine incurable) in stage 3.
While I was undergoing treatment, my health deteriorated quite a bit, I caught many colds that lasted forever, I had trouble breathing, back and arm pain, and ankle swelling. After finishing treatment, my tumor markers were still high.
A person told me about the ***, I started using it and my tumor markers returned to normal values. After watching videos where Andreas K. appeared, I found out about ***** ** ***** and started using it instead of ***. I still have normal values ​​in tumor markers. The ankle swelling, back pain and arm pain improved a little but did not go away.
I kept watching videos of Andreas K. and one fine day, I saw a video where the Biotrohn was mentioned. I decided to buy it and using it, the swelling in my ankles and the pain that I suffered have disappeared and it is giving me a strength and energy that I had not felt for many years.
My total thanks to Andreas K. and the entire Medalab team for the work you do for health.
A fuerte abrazo.
Immaculate C. - Granada (Spain)

Biotrohn trochanteritis

After several months of suffering from inflammation in the hips preventing me from sleeping at night, it has been a program on yeast that has solved the problem for me. After a month, I notice that the pain returns very slightly. I do another candidiasis program and it's over at least for now.
I had previously done an anti-inflammation program without result.

Bernadette b.

Video testimony: Insomnia

Gerard F.

Gastroenteritis and flu

Hello, my name is Beatriz and I would like to share some of my experiences with the recently acquired Biotrohn. On the one hand, this weekend we were in the mountains with my son and he came down a bit scrambled from the excursion. At first we thought it was a cold or flu but then it started with gastrointestinal symptoms and fever. I didn't give him any medicine, I only put him on the Biotrohn programs: Influenza and Gastritis, his fever went down and he is much better. For my part, I was at a demonstration and I came home a little shaken. I also thought that he would have caught a cold, so I put on the Influenza and Coronavirus programs and today I am perfect, I even went to the gym.


Beatriz C. - Valencia (Spain)

Borreliosis / Lyme

My experience has been very rewarding and profitable with Biotrohn and Plasmatrohn at Medalab. I have felt very energized both physically and psychologically and will use them again if needed for my Lyme ailment. I am also very grateful for the treatment received. After more than a month of mental and physical fatigue, I tried the machines and managed to get back to a normal life.

Cristian Punzano - Spain

Plasmatrohn: a very powerful research and healing tool

It is a very useful and original product. Using it a few times a day, I noticed an unusual ease in relaxing and falling asleep. Since I was also looking to have lucid dream experiences, I was able to experience substantial improvement when meditating alongside the machine's delta wave frequency. I don't know if it would be possible to include the possibility in future updates of being able to choose other frequencies beyond the typified ones, being able to try the different numbers and thus exploring altered states of consciousness. Be that as it may, the experience with the machine is pleasant and it constitutes a very powerful research and healing tool.

RM - Barcelona, ​​Spain

Diabetic foot

I'm excited. I was able to try the Plasmatrohn for a week and the results have been incredible.

I suffer from diabetic foot (with ulcers), it never closes because I have to stand up at work and I don't take much care of my diet...

I tried it 2 sessions a day for a week with the programs: diabetic ulcer and acidosis.

I wish I could try it for another month so I could finish the treatment. I will return to Alcocéber and I will take it up again, while I include the before and after photos:

Customer and user testimonials        Customer and user testimonials

LP - Zaragoza (Spain)

canine mast cell tumor

I would like to share my amazing testimony. I am a veterinarian and in my clinical practice I had never used this kind of device. But I was offered the chance to try the Plasmatrohn for a few days. I decided to focus on a dog with whom we had tried all kinds of treatments and the prognosis for her mast cell tumor was still poor. The dog behaved very well near the machine, what's more, I think she even relaxed. After 7 sessions, the mastocytoma had been reduced to a minimum! Her owner couldn't believe it but she couldn't be happier. Without a doubt I plan to acquire a Plasmatrohn in my next budgets to continue on this exciting path that has opened before me.

Paula F. - Spain

persistent covid

My name is Jessica and I am 42 years old, I write this testimony with much love and gratitude.
I got Covid-19 in March 2020 and since then I have been with Persistent Covid.
My symptoms have been many, including chronic fatigue, dyspnea, severe chest pain, shortness of breath, muscle pain, swelling, depression...
After 16 months of suffering a lot, life led me to meet a person who told me about some machines that could perhaps help me, the zapper (Biotrohn, microfrequency generator) and the Plasmatrohn.

They invited me to do a treatment and see how I could do. Due to my circumstances, I was only able to spend two weeks using the machines, but long enough to feel the benefits.
I can affirm that they helped me to get out of my chronic fatigue where I could hardly get out of bed, giving me more energy (I felt as if it was the "gasoline" that my body needed), I also felt a reduction in the inflammation of the body, dyspnea and an improvement in my breathing and my mood.
I would have liked to have been able to spend a little more time with the treatment as I think it would have helped me improve even more.
When I can, it would be a very good investment to buy the machines.

I still have symptoms of Persistent Covid but they have definitely helped me to strengthen my system so I can continue to heal myself.

Jessica F. - Spain


My daughter and her partner had been married for six years and could not have children. He was infertile, but he trusted me and I was treating him with the Biotrohn:
There were a total of 6 sessions of program #4 Detoxification and 6 sessions of program #122 Infertility.
Today my daughter is in her 6th week of pregnancy. We are happy.
Ing. Ind. MF Nieto - Ecuador

Back pain

Today we had to do an emergency service for my wife. She made a wrong move and suddenly felt a great pain in her back. We use Biotrohn. After 6 minutes, she had only 10% of the initial pain (she was in a lot of pain = 100%). At the end of the application, the pain was completely gone!
We have used Biotrohn daily on ourselves. We are very satisfied with the results.

PM - Brazil

The Biotrohn has changed our lives

First of all, I say that it has been a miracle to have the Biotrohn and we are delighted.

My asthma in the last 10 years became impossible. I spent more than 1 year on sick leave and in the hospital they put me through the extreme cases. They put me on a very expensive medication, a state-of-the-art monoclonal medication.
Coming to South America and losing that medication, I had to take various types of inhaled corticosteroids, as well as oral pills. I mean, a bomb. That's why I bought the Biotrohn.

I tried the “Asthma” program without any results. Then I thought of the disease of the 2st century: candida. I put on the candida program XNUMX times a day (morning and night). By the fifth day he had improved a great deal. I stopped all medication and only take minimal medication now and feel very well.

For me this has been a true miracle. I was really desperate and the best doctors in Spain and Chile only gave me more corticosteroids without getting me out of the problem. A Spanish doctor even told me: "We must accept that doctors do not cure, we remove symptoms."
The Biotrohn has really changed my life.

2. My wife caught a very strong bladder infection 2 weeks ago, urinating blood and with great discomfort. We decided not to go to the ER. She started putting on the Biotrohn and in 5 days she was out of trouble.

3. In addition, he developed Herpes Zoster. The corresponding program was put on and we went to the doctor. He did not understand it because he saw that the herpes was going away without any apparent treatment. I mean, the Biotrohn worked like a charm.

Thank you!

AR - Spain/ Chile

Neck Pain

Hello Medalab!
I am getting good results with the Biotrohn set to the 24_Inflammation program. I have been placing the red electrode on my neck and holding the blue electrode in my right hand; Today is the first day I haven't had pain in a long time.
RJ - G. Brittany

Biotrohn for hypertension

We are using Biotrohn with my wife and family; At first, some are desperate and distrust because the healing or cure is slower than pharmaceutical medicines that offer immediate action but only relieve and do not cure diseases; well, it's your business.
I am from Ecuador, Industrial Engineer, I am telling you about something experienced. I am hypertensive and instead of taking my usual pill, I connected to program #25 (hypertension) for 2 occasions. Apparently it didn't work, but the next day I repeated program #25 twice and continued to take my medication. On the fourth day of use, the pressure was already less than 100/60! I discontinued the pills and no longer use them.
Ing. Ind. MF Nieto - Ecuador

groin mycosis

I had a mycosis in the groin last week, the skin in the groin had been irritated for two days, I used the Biotrohn, I did 2 treatments and it completely went away.

Joaquim Albino Silva - Portugal

Herpes labialis

When the beginning of a blister appeared on the lip, a symptom of herpes labialis, I did a single treatment and the herpes disappeared.

Joaquim Albino Silva - Portugal

Biotrohn has been totally effective, both in my personal experience and in therapy

In my personal experience and as a therapist, the Biotrohn has been effective.
I am a 65-year-old woman, a retired civil engineer. Six years ago, due to health problems, I became interested in alternative therapies. With menopause my health was weakening, little energy, altered circadian rhythm, I did not sleep well, I woke up tired, it was getting less and less; In May 6 I began to suffer from vertigo, I consulted an internist, she referred me to a neurologist; Despite medications and exercises, the vertigo continued, to the point that I had to stop driving. In October 2019 I found out about the Biotrohn through a friend, I asked her to connect with the program for Epstein Barr Virus, 2019 minutes after being connected I began to experience indescribable well-being, it was a blessing, no more dizziness, no more tiredness, no more lack of energy, now I enjoy vitality. I didn't hesitate to buy it to have at home to help my family and friends.
It should be noted that to know which program is the right one, I use Applied Kinesiology, a muscle test that gives us information about the body; in Biomagnetism it is known as “tracking the body”, this allows us to develop an individual treatment plan.
With the Biotrohn I have been able to support people with pathologies such as: Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Staphylococcus aureus, persistent cough, addiction to electronic cigarettes (2 cases), Helicobacter pylori, cystitis, skin conditions, anxiety, depression and autism, among others. .
Thank you Medalab, for being a company with a soul that provides us with the latest technology to help us achieve optimal health. I am infinitely grateful for the support they have given me.

Iveth GA - Hollywood, Florida, USA

Positive experiences with Biotrohn

With the Biotrohn I have only had positive experiences, I have treated people with lung problems with excellent results.
I myself have tried it for some parasites, after 5 sessions I feel very good, I perceive that I have detoxified myself. At first I noticed a slight headache, but I knew that it was a sign that it was working, since the parasites when they are attacked and die, release many toxins. As a therapist I took chlorine dioxide and zeolite to help my body transport those toxins faster out of my body.
I have recently used it to help my son with a cold that he had and noticed that the recovery time was greatly reduced.
Also for back pain, observing that the same day with a single session they disappeared.
So far I have no further comments, I am very happy to have the Biotrohn as an aid in therapy, as there are no contraindications and I have always had very good results so far.
Thank you very much.

Pilar G. - Germany

Very happy with the chlorine dioxide generator set

I have been very happy that the chlorine dioxide generating equipment arrived in Chile on time and the follow-up provided by the transport company is very useful.
Regarding the performance of the equipment, I consider that it is very effective for the production of the concentrated stock solution of CLO2, if, for example, I obtain 1000 ml at maximum concentration and use 10 ml for each liter of water, they result in 100 dilutions for different uses for lives. from my family and friends.

QF Sec. - Chile

My experience is with the CLO2 generator

My experience is with the CLO2 generator. Its practicality and effectiveness are amazing. I make 5 liters of ultrapure CDS at 3000ppm in 5 150/3000 hours with a XNUMXml load of sodium chlorite (half an hour to purge the sodium chlorite first before I start collecting the gas in the distilled water). Always corroborating with the test strips that the XNUMX ppm recommended by AK is achieved

For me it has been a super plus that I am offering to my relatives because I have had a lot of positive feedback from them, about how mild and tolerable CDS by electrolysis has been compared to CDS activated with hydrochloric acid. Those who stopped taking the acid activated CDS for violent healing crises, I encouraged them to try this new version and they are happy. Thanks to the scientists who designed this treasure and thanks to Medalab for their service, because it was surprising how fast the Generator arrived, since in less than 7 days it had already arrived from Europe to my PO BOX in Texas.

Jorge G. - USA

Confidence in the Biotrohn

I am very confident in the device, I use it daily. I put on detoxification, immune stimulation and various chronic programs.
Thank you very much and best regards.

Alberto R. - Spain

The truth of the Biotrohn

The truth is that the Biotrohn is a device that resembles a good friend that never fails you, always close by. Specifically, you can have it at hand, always at home, when you need it, it is there to help you with any health or well-being situation, in short, to balance my own state towards better health.

I have used several programs and it is worth it. In my case, for example: inflammation of the intestines, of some joint, I put on the Inflammation program and it works!

The Detoxification program, wonderful, is the one I use regularly, it gives me energy, I feel lighter and even when I'm constant it has managed to stabilize my insulin levels.
Thank you thank you thank you.

Cristina P. - Spain

The use of PLASMATROHN and Biotrohn

Hello, good afternoon. Regarding the use of PLASMATROHN and Biotrohn, I am currently only dealing with the first to better focus on the analysis. Obviously, I am working with those programs that are interesting to me. I must also say that the success in some of them may also be due to the fact that I have simultaneously taken the CDS, which will have something to do with the subject. Anyway, I have used programs like 84.- Hemorrhoids only once after a severe attack after eating plenty of spicy food, resounding success. Of course, I have not reoffended in the intake.
I use the 57 a lot.- Knee pain. I had a fall down the stairs resulting in patellar tendonitis, severe inflammation, etc. They wanted to operate on a knee. For now, as the matter is improving, the operation is postponed sine die.
68.- Arthritis. It also acts in conjunction with 57.
53.- Headache. She took advantage of it as an adjuvant to 12.- Sinusitis. I have suffered from sinusitis for a long time. This has triggered, they say, obstructive sleep apnea. Obviously I accompany it with techniques such as nasal washing with water and salt and others, so I don't know if the improvement can be attributed more or less to Plasmatrohn exclusively, everything helps. There has been a marked improvement.
15.- Pulmonary airways. Whenever I drink something cold at night, it triggers a major congestion, it's a problem. This is my header program. I put it in the morning and everything normalizes.
25.- Inflammation.- It has helped me with sciatica pain, it improves it and allows me to sleep.
Well, here we come. I hope to keep improving.
Gracias y saludos.

Eduardo H. - Spain

Biotrohn: absolutely effective

I have had the Biotron for a month and the results in terms of the pathologies treated have been absolutely effective, such as cold sores cured in two sessions. The hot flashes of menopause that were so many and didn't let me sleep (and for those who had tried all kinds of natural treatments and only reduced them a little, disappeared completely in less than a week. As for severe acne, its effects are Remarkable. Even at the energy level with the right program improvement is noticeable. From my experience I totally recommend it. The Biotrohn deserves the price it has, the best money invested. Thanks to the entire Medalab team.

Marta G - Spain

Amazing Plasmatrohn!!!

I can assure you that my experience with the Plasmatrohn has been surprising. My arthritis has improved a lot and my cataract is hardly noticeable. On the other hand, although the veterinary issue is not mentioned, I have to say that my dog ​​had breast tumors diagnosed for surgery, and in fifteen days treating her with the Plasmatrohn they have disappeared... I am amazed.

Jose P. - Spain

Experience with Biotrohn

“My experience with the Biotrohn was because one day my wife was paralyzed half of her face. The doctors told her that it was due to a virus and that it would take months for her to regain facial mobility and they were not sure of the evolution. I quickly remembered the device and she started using it. From the first minutes she told me that she felt the microcurrents in the area of ​​the paralyzed face. Well, it was an absolute joy that in just three days she managed to fully recover! ”

Agustin L. - Spain

Biotrohn a product of excellent quality

Customer and user testimonials

In addition to being a biochemist, a firefighter and a mother, I am an elite athlete and have run many marathons. On one occasion, before a very important one was held, a few days before training I had a sprain that left me in dust: swollen ankle and protocol of anti-inflammatories and rest for 2-3 weeks. Well, I made the wonderful decision to use the Biotrohn with the inflammation program by placing one of the electrodes on the injured ankle and holding the other with my hand. After 4 days, yes, 4 days, I recovered and was able to run the marathon, also achieving a very good position.


Emma Roca - Spain


  • Bernadette Buisson

    15 February, 2022 - 9:45 p.m.

    Biotrohn trochanteritis

    After several months of suffering from inflammation in the hips preventing me from sleeping at night, it has been a program on yeast that has solved the problem for me. After a month, I notice that the pain returns very slightly. I do another candidiasis program and it's over at least for now.
    I had previously done an anti-inflammation program without result.

  • immaculate c.

    24 February, 2022 - 1:28 am

    Follicular Lymphoma and Weakened Immune System

    Thanks to this powerful tool, Biotrohn, I am regaining my health and energy.
    Many thanks to Andreas Kalcker and the entire Medalab team.

    Immaculate C. – Spain

    • Boil Lucie

      July 12, 2022 - 6:08 pm

      Bonjour. On my own, I detected a lymphome folliculaire grade 2 stage 1, 3 months ago. I don't know for the instant that there are more symptoms of cancer, but my blood tests are now my fil des mois that my white blood cells and red blood cells are diminutive… The médecins tell me that they are not curable and that they are fine, s'il ne devient pas agressif, je suis tranquille pour 4 a 5 ans, avant de commencer les lourds traitements (chimio, radiothérapie immunothérapie…) et de become immunodeficient 😥😥Je viens de découvrir le biothron et votre témoignage d'espoir et je Do you know what program you used once, combined with fois par jour et sur quelle durée avant de savoir que vous étiez sortie d'affaire? Are you continuing to use it for lymphome prevention? Mille mercis pour votre réponse et j'espère pouvoir faire le même témoignage que vous 🙏🌺🌺💚🥰

      • elena valladares

        July 13, 2022 - 10:14 am


        Enchanté de vous rencontrer et merci beaucoup pour votre intérêt. Nous tenons à vous dire que nos témoignages sont 100% vrais, ce que ne significae pas que toutes les personnes ayant la même pathologie auront les mêmes résultats, car les maladies sont multifactorielles même si elles ont le même symptôme et chaque personne en souffre de manière different. Ce que je peux vous dire, c'est que le biotrohn est un useful très puissant d'aide au traitement thérapeutique. Dans votre cas, les programs Système lymphatique, Globules blancs, Système immunitaire, Fréquence universelle… seraient recommandés. The recommended use is from 1 to 2 programs per day, pendant autant de jours que nécessaire jusqu'à ce que vous ressentiez une amélioration.
        D'ici, nous vous envoyons beaucoup d'encouragements et de CONFIANCE. You will be guéri. Ayez confiance en elle et ayez confiance en vous.

        A gros calin!

  • Mike L - Philippines

    April 18, 2022 - 4:12 am

    Fixed my arrhythmia, specifically post-ventricular contraction (PVC). For twenty days now, I have none where I used to have 1 PVC per minute. I used many programs to achieve these, and they're all bacteria – Staph Aureus, Stepto Pneumonia, Chlamydia Pneumonia, and Mycoplasma. I also used the Angina Pectoris program as well. Have this unit for 2 months already. I started out with low voltage, and increased it to max. At first I felt low energy and felt sleepy during the day, and realized that it must be a healing reaction. So when that happens, I would use the detox program to help. I think that it also helps to use the liver and kidney stimulus programs just to ensure that as my heart inproves, the liver and kidneys are improving in synch with it.

    I am glad to have many programs available to use.

    Now I'm using the Dengue program for an unlikely issue I have with having a platelet count that is on the low side of normal. I also had, until recently, a urine color that is the color of beer, the pale pilsen kind (San Miguel Beer). But after using the dengue program for 4 days x 2 sessions, I began to see my urine turn golden yellow and very clear. I'll continue this until I have two weeks of usage at this setting, and then do a CBC to get my platelet count and report on this.

    Since I don't believe a virus causes dengue, but a fungus, I used the Dengue setting because it should work whether one says it is from virus or from fungus. Since the urine turned yellow, it somehow proves my suspicion that the more reddish hue in urine is really the result of hemolysis by the fungus. And the Dengue program is killing the fungus, and the fungus is no longer destroying my red blood cells. Aside from testing for my platelet count, I'll also test my ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate). I expect to go down from the current 12.

    Note: I got sick with dengue symptoms last October and took an artemisia annua herb tincture, and my urine turned from a dark amber to a golden yellow. Back then I had obvious signs of hemolysis. Now I realize that even if the urinalysis says there's no blood in the urine, it's only saying there's no blood concentration that is above a certain threshold. Even when I was taking vitamin b1/b2/b3, my urine now is still golden yellow – which means the amber color of urine isn't really coming from riboflavin, as what's usually suspected to cause the color.

    Overall, a great unit! Thank you!

    • elena valladares

      April 18, 2022 - 11:06 am

      Thank you so much for sharing your valuable and detailed testimonial! We congratulate you on your ability to use the device so accurately. And we greatly appreciate you sharing it to enlighten other interested people.
      Yes, Biotrohn does work!
      Best regards from Medalab team.

  • Marie Antoinette

    April 20, 2022 - 10:52 pm

    O BIOTROHN for me is a device that works miracles.
    I use it for dors in my physical body, (fibromyalgia), I put on a program for inflammation, and no other day I feel better.
    For a prostatite I saw many results, for those who had a head, among others that I experienced myself.
    I had a single session with a person who was suffering from the coronavirus, and not another day or his Feedback was the best, so two of them did not disappear, he also had a fever, or the only one who had a bad nose.
    I recommend this device to everyone who needs to feel healthier.
    Gratidão to those who in some way made an effort to develop.

    • elena valladares

      April 21, 2022 - 11:00 am

      Very obliged to be so generous and share your experience with Biotrohn. It is a device that really works, but little is known about it. Therefore, one more time obliged to give visibility to your benefits through your testimony. A big hug!

  • White

    July 8, 2022 - 8:02 pm

    I am a therapist and I bought the device that I use little because I don't know how many sessions I have to give people, is there a minimum? I would really appreciate your answer

    • elena valladares

      July 11, 2022 - 10:44 am

      Hello Blanca!
      Nice to meet you and thanks for writing to us. It's really a shame you're not using the Biotrohn because it's a fantastic tool in therapeutic treatment. The sessions vary depending on each person and the type of ailment of it. We recommend a maximum of 2-3 sessions per day, since subjecting the body to more frequencies would be saturating it and a greater effect would not be achieved. It is also advisable to try several programs related to the specific pathology to be treated, since as the disease has a varied aetiology and multiple symptoms, it is convenient to access it from several fronts. If you feel lost and don't know where to start, use the Universal Frequency program, as well as Acidosis and Inflammation, you usually get a good answer. The fundamental thing is that you break the barrier of approaching the Biotrohn and start using it regularly. The more you work on it, the more you will like it. 
      For any specific questions, you can write to us at info@medalab.com and we will answer you very soon.
      A abrazo.

  • Pomace

    20 November, 2022 - 10:21 pm


    I began to use the Biotrohn that I had achieved, the first ones looked interesting.
    À quoi sert le câble usb livré avec le biotrohn?
    Thank you for your information.

    • elena valladares

      November 21, 2022 - 11:30 am

      Bonjour! Nous sommes très heureux que vous ayez le merveilleux Biotrohn. The USB cable is used to connect to a PC, even if it does not show software modifications. Mais il n'est d'aucune utilité pour l'utilisateur final en particulier. S'il ya des changes à l'avenir, nous vous le ferons savoir et nous le mettrons à jour à distance.
      Bonne chance et profitez de votre Biotrohn !

  • lesellier

    January 17, 2023 - 8:51 pm

    J utilise le biotrohn pour une fibromyalgie que j ai depuis 17 ans et au bout de 3 semanes nette amélioration.Je remercie mon médecin de m avoir fait découvrir cet appareil.Je le conseille à tout mon entourage et beaucoup sont convainqus quan ils voient ma transformation physique et mentale.Merci à tous ceux qui travaillent pour le bien être des gens

    • elena valladares

      18 January, 2023 - 11:36 am

      Merci beaucoup d'avoir partagé votre expérience avec nous. C'est merveilleux de continuer à lire chaque jour des témoignages de rétablissement et de bien-être. Merci de faire confidence to Medalab.

      A gros calin!

  • lesellier

    January 18, 2023 - 9:53 pm


    • Elena Valladares

      January 19, 2023 - 12:15 pm

      Bonjour! Bien sûr qu'il peut vous aider. I recommend you use the “Inflammations” program, keep it clear for good.

      meilleures salutations

  • rosalba roman

    16 March, 2023 - 4:04 a.m.

    Good evening, I've been on the Biothron for a few months. I'm happy. I had back pain and it went away on the third day. My friend has arthritis and I'm putting that program on her and the inflammation program has felt better. Question for sciatic nerve pain which program can I use? Thank you

    • elena valladares

      16 March, 2023 - 11:02 a.m.

      Hello! Thank you very much for your comment! We are glad that you are discovering the immense benefits of Biotrohn. For sciatica I recommend that you also use the Inflammation and Internal Harmony. 😉

      A hug and happy day.

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  • Emma R.

    22 November, 2019 - 4:39 pm

    In addition to being a biochemist, a firefighter and a mother, I am an elite athlete and have run many marathons. On one occasion, before a very important one was held, a few days before training I had a sprain that left me in dust: swollen ankle and protocol of anti-inflammatories and rest for 2-3 weeks. Well, I made the wonderful decision to use the Biotrohn with the inflammation program by placing one of the electrodes on the injured ankle and holding the other with my hand. After 4 days, yes, 4 days, I recovered and was able to run the marathon, also achieving a very good position.

  • Agustin L.

    15 February, 2020 - 8:25 am

    “My experience with the Biotrohn was because one day my wife was paralyzed half of her face. The doctors told her that it was due to a virus and that it would take months for her to regain facial mobility and they were not sure of the evolution. I quickly remembered the device and she started using it. From the first minutes she told me that she felt the microcurrents in the area of ​​the paralyzed face. Well, it was an absolute joy that in just three days she managed to fully recover! ”

  • José P.

    July 1, 2020 - 12:49 pm

    I can assure you that my experience with the Plasmatrohn has been surprising. My arthritis has improved a lot and my cataract is hardly noticeable. On the other hand, although the veterinary issue is not mentioned, I have to say that my dog ​​had breast tumors diagnosed for surgery, and in fifteen days treating her with the Plasmatrohn they have disappeared... I am amazed.

  • Martha

    August 18, 2021 - 9:15 am

    Since I bought the BIOTROHN I have not stopped using it, it is wonderful! Apart from the fact that it stimulates the Organs and eliminates pathogens, it is a very advanced medical equipment that has around 130 programs and helps with different diseases that are already programmed!!!! .and it changes automatically to different frequencies depending on the disease being treated….. It is super fail to use and very, very relaxing, I have had days of great tension and worry at work, every night I program it really, it is very well and I feel like it clears my mind, it gives me a lot of peace and it has allowed me to sleep very well despite the problems. A good dream, priceless!!! really forgetting one of the problems In my family they already have one that my brothers take turns, now I'm happy because I already have mine at home!! Highly recommended, you will not regret it, it is very worth it and you will save many returns to the Doctor

  • Eugene K.

    June 15, 2022 - 1:42 pm


    After receiving all the chemotherapy my body could tolerate, as well as radiotherapy to the hip, blood tests indicated that there was still tumor activity.

    By chance of life I contacted Medalab, and, since I have been using their products, the tumor markers have decreased, staying at bay. It has been of great help to have equipment such as the Plasmatrohn and the Biotrohn, whose electromagnetic effects are clearly perceptible. In the same way, I consider that following the protocols devised by Andreas L. Kalcker is favoring my recovery.

    Special mention deserves the human team of Medalab. The treatment received from them has been, from the beginning, very comforting. I appreciate the support you are giving me in this new stage of my life.

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