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Introduction: The most accessible CDS generator.

Finally a chlorine dioxide generator accessible to everyone. Contains no impurities. Only sodium chlorite is necessary for production. High speed of ClO2 generation and high volume of product obtained. High mildness and tolerability of the ClO2 obtained. Fully portable and easy-to-use device.

CDS Generator

How to obtain chlorine dioxide with the generator?

Chlorine dioxide is normally obtained by the chemical reaction between sodium chlorite (precursor) and an acid, such as hydrochloric acid (activator). This form of CLO2 production has the handicap of generating by-products, since ClO2 is not produced directly.

For this reason, after intense months of research, we have created the ClO2 Generator: a novel electrolysis system. With the electrolytic method we act on the sodium chlorite solution by means of a perfectly adjusted electric current, thus producing the pure and direct decomposition of chlorine dioxide, without secondary reactions and without the need for an activator.

The high specificity of this generator allows to achieve an optimal degree of electrolysis that reaches a purity of 99,99%!

CLO2 generator

What is a CLO2 generator used for?

A CLO2 generator is a piece of equipment used primarily in laboratory and research settings to destroy bacteria and other pathogens present in liquids on an experimental basis. It is important to note that its use in therapies is under the sole responsibility of the user, since neither the manufacturer nor the distributor assume any responsibility in the event that the equipment is used for purposes other than those determined by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is essential that any further use of this product is carefully considered and carried out under the supervision and advice of an expert in the relevant area. It is important to remember that safety and care in the use of any equipment must always be a priority, especially in the case of equipment used in research and experimentation.

Remember that this equipment is for personal use. Any inadvisable use of the generator will void the warranty. If you want equipment to produce CLO2 industrially, contact us at

Advantages of the CLO2 generator:

  • Purity of the gas produced. It does not contain the impurities that are generated by the chemical generation route.
  • For its production only one solution is used: sodium chlorite. No acid or “activator” is necessary.
  • The ultra pure chlorine dioxide solution is now accessible to everyone. Many people would like to use chlorine dioxide but they don't dare to produce it or don't trust the one they sell.
  • High production speed.
  • High production volume: A single fill of the generator will produce two liters of solution.
  • Softness of CLO2: ClO2 gas produced by electrolysis is much more bearable and softer than that produced by chemical way. This is due to a completely new way of electrochemical production of ClO2 and the absence of impurities in the solution.
  • Device mobility: can be carried or moved at will, completely portable. Filled generator weight: 0,7 kg

Experiences with the generator.

Discover the ways in which users produce CDS with this equipment.
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CLO2 generator

The most accessible CDS generator
800 €
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  • It does not contain the impurities that are generated by the chemical generation route.
  • No acid or “activator” is necessary.
  • High production speed.


It is necessary to fill the chlorite compartments up to the black line, which is approximately equivalent to 200 ml of chlorite, for a quantity of 2-2,5 liters of water. The semi-permeable membrane inside the generator must be completely covered for the process to run properly. A smaller quantity cannot be produced, as it is important to complete the process in each session.

The estimated time to obtain 3000 ppm concentration is 7-8 hours. When carrying out this process, it is essential to take into account the following aspects:

  1. The water in the external 2 liter bottle must be distilled or low mineralization.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: cold water must be used, between 5-8º C, to obtain a better saturation of the CDS.

The acronym ppm stands for “parts per million” and is used to express a measure of concentration of a substance in a solution. This unit of measurement is common to describe low concentrations of solutes in solutions.

In the case of the electrolytic generator, when a concentration of 3000 ppm of chlorine dioxide is indicated, reference is made to the amount of chlorine dioxide present in the solution produced. This concentration indicates that there are 3000 parts of chlorine dioxide for every million parts of the solution. A concentration of 3000 ppm suggests high purity and efficiency in the chlorine dioxide production process.

Throughout the electrolysis process in the aforementioned generator, the liquid in the solution compartment will undergo color changes in four stages: from colorless transparent to dark brown, then to light yellow, and finally back to transparent. Simultaneously, the liquid in the absorber bottle will turn a golden yellow hue.

When the liquid in the solution compartment turns from dark brown to clear, it indicates that the active components of the sodium chlorite solution have been completely depleted. This signal suggests that the process is complete and that the electrolytic generator can be switched off.

Once the process is finished, it is necessary to bottle the solution and always keep it in the refrigerator. Without opening the CDS bottle, its durability can be extended from 6 to 8 months. For this reason, it is recommended to store it in smaller bottles, since each time it is opened and closed, the solution loses ppm.

After that period of time, the solution does not become useless, but rather its intensity gradually decreases.

It is recommended to pack the CDS in 250 ml amber glass bottles, individually, and keep them inside the fridge. It is important to avoid blue bottles, as they allow the passage of ultraviolet rays. In addition, polyethylene caps can be used to seal the bottles.

To measure the concentration of CDS in water, 1 ml of the resulting CDS must be added after 6/8 hours of activation in an empty glass containing 9 ml of water. Then it should be shaken slightly and immerse the test strip for about 5 seconds. Finally, the ppm can be checked using the colors that appear on the package that contained the strips. It is important to follow the instructions carefully to obtain an accurate measurement of the CDS concentration in the water.

The product can be purchased from online stores available in your country. It is important to take into account that it must be reduced between 25 and 28% to be compatible with the equipment and guarantee the highest possible quality.

You have a user manual where we explain step by step everything you need to know to start using the chlorine dioxide generator. In this manual we expand the information that you will find on our website as well as the steps to follow so that you can start using the equipment as soon as possible. It is available in multiple languages.

Cclo2 generatorPlace the elements of the Generator in this position for adequate production, in such a way that the air pump is above the liquid level.


For maintenance of the electrolytic generator, follow the instructions below:

  1. Clean the inside of the compartments after each use, using distilled water several times (at least 3 times).

  2. Fill both compartments with an approximate amount of 200 ml of distilled water to maintain humidity in the semi-permeable membrane located inside. Once filled, close them using the corresponding caps.

  3. Connect the air inlet nozzle to the gas outlet nozzle using the shorter tube, ensuring proper sealing.

Our prices are in Euros, so if you want to know the price of the equipment in your local currency, we recommend that you visit this online currency converter to make the conversion with the exchange rate in real time.  

A two-year warranty is provided for the generator and a six-month warranty for consumable components such as cables, charger, air motor, and carrying case. Warranty coverage is applicable only in case of manufacturing defects.

To find out the price of the shipping costs, you can add the equipment to the shopping cart, once in the cart, you only have to enter your address for the calculation to be made. To know the shipping costs it is not necessary to register, but you must do so to make the purchase. 

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User manual.


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