Can I use the equipment to treat my pathology?

At Medalab we are not doctors and our teams are not clinicians. They are used as an aid in therapeutic treatment, so we cannot say that our equipment works for a specific pathology.

It is true that with our machines, many of the people who have used them agree that they find improvement, and a large percentage recover their health. This depends on each individual person and is never a substitute for medical treatment.
We cannot generalize treatments since the origin of pathologies depends on many factors (genetics, diet, habits, emotional management, anxiety, stress...)
The use of our equipment is the responsibility of the end user.

How does the Biotrohn work?

Here you will find resources to know how this equipment works:

User's manual 

FAQ manual

Video: How the Biotrohn works

List of programs and according to pathology.

How to hold the electrodes?

You can hold each electrode in whichever hand you like, however users who work with polarities prefer to use blue (right hand) and red (left hand)

How is the CLO2 generator used?

You have all the information in the User Manual that you can download for free at this link.

Still, here are some tips:

* We recommend making 200 ml. of chlorite (approximately 75 ml. fits in each compartment) for 3 liters of water, since the membrane that is inside has to be covered (it has some marks up to where you have to fill it).
* Approximate time to achieve with 3000 ppm: 7-8 hours.
Remember that the water in the 3 liter bottle has to be distilled or very weak mineralized water! AND VERY IMPORTANT: it must be cold water from the fridge!!

Where is my order?

When you make a national purchase, the shipment usually arrives in 24-48 hours. For international shipments, you will receive an email from DHL with your tracking number. The average delivery time is usually between 72 hours and 7 days.

How does the guarantee work?

For all our devices: once the customer receives the order at home, they have 7 days to check that it is in good condition.
From then on, it has a 2-year warranty (except for the Biotrohn battery and electrodes, as well as the CIO2 Generator pump, which is guaranteed for 6 months.)
lThe warranty does not cover damage caused by incorrect use, such as not cleaning properly after each use, industrial use of the generator or any alteration to it. 
If they need to be repaired, shipping costs are paid by the customer. Medalab's technical service undertakes to repair/replace it with a new one, depending on the damage suffered.

How do repairs work?

If your equipment has stopped working for some internal reason, write us an e-mail to medalab.sales@gmail.com, indicating the fault, invoice number, and a photo or video that illustrates the problem. This way we can help you faster.

Solution to the message "Connect the load" and the beeps.

This message appears when the connection between the cables and the device is weak. Make sure that the electrodes are well attached to the cables and the plug (the gold part must be fully inserted, even if it is hard, you have to press until only the silver part is visible).

The beeps indicate that there is poor connectivity between the electrodes/pads and the body.

1. Hold the electrodes very tight, especially at the beginning (now in winter they are very cold), then as soon as they make a connection you can loosen them.
2. Play with raising the intensity to the level you consider most comfortable so that there is a better flow of current.
3. You can try several days in a row with the “Universal Frequency” program that “tunes in” to users who frequently do not have good connectivity. Andreas recommends using it for up to a month for extreme cases where it is not possible to use other programs because the connection is lost.
4. Try to get a better grip on the electrodes, as they have to be in permanent contact with your hands or skin. In the event that the beeps do not stop / the message does not disappear, the Biotrohn may not recognize the optimal resistance of your body and you should moisten your hands for better conductivity.
5. You can buy some self-adhesive patches, which we have just introduced on the web, which facilitate the passage of current.

Patches for biotrohn. 

It is best to surround the electrodes with a damp cloth, this way probably reducing the number of longitudinal waves, increasing the number of scalar transverse waves.
If the water used is seawater or contains salt, it will have even better conductance. An electrode can also be immersed in a container of salt water for greater effectiveness.
At the end it is recommended to wash the hands or feet (depending on the case) with salt water.
It can happen when the hands are dry, or the person lacks hydration. It is important to drink water and stay well hydrated.

How to measure with test strips?

– To measure the ppm, put 19 ml of water + 1 ml of the resulting cds in an empty glass (after 6/8 hours of activation), shake slightly.
– You insert the strip and remove it for 10 seconds and you can now check the PPM!
– Check with the colors that appear in the same container where the strips came.


We recommend cutting the strips in half lengthwise, so you have twice the amount!

Interview about the Biotrohn and the Plasmatrohn with Andreas L. Kalcker


In this interview with Andreas, the software programmer for our teams, we review the differences, applications and uses of the Bio-drone and plasmatrohn. We talked about recommendations and discussed several examples. In this conversation you will find guidance on what these devices are, what they are for and how they work. A very useful resource, both for those who have some equipment and for those who are thinking of acquiring it.  

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions that come to us from users and customers. It is a section in continuous growth to give support to the questions that arise when using our equipment. 


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