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What is?

We will visit different cities in Spain and Europe to bring you the news of Medalab.


Discover the Skanner! The new equipment with which we can create personalized programs for the Biotrohn and the Plasmatrohn.

Through some electrodes, it enters into resonance with your body and scans all your cells and systems, detects the vibration level of pathogens, and creates a totally personalized program, which will be programmed later in the equipment you have (Biotrohn or Plasmatrohn ).

You will no longer have to choose between the 135 programs but you will have your own treatment.

In addition, if you are interested in certain frequencies (binaural waves, work with chakras, alpha waves, Gamma, Theta, Schumman Frequency, Solfeggios...) we can modify them to your liking, since many therapists have requested this from us.

Try the Biotrohn or the Plasmatrohn:

If you have heard about our equipment and are curious to try it before you buy it or just want to experiment with it… now is the time!

Both in individual session or group session.

Group session with Plasmatrohn.

We are very interested in the investigation of brain waves (Alpha, Gamma, Delta, Theta...) since there are several studies that support its effectiveness in various fields (improved health, greater physical and mental performance, mental clarity, relaxation, elevated states meditation, unlocking, etc…)

For all these reasons, we began to experiment with the Plasmatrohn in collaboration with several yoga centers and the results have been incredible: mental clarity, absolute presence, connection... these are some of the sensations that they tell us about after the session.

So if you still don't know this powerful equipment, the best way to try it is during the group session, since you will be able to experience the effect of the different waves that induce relaxation and well-being.

When and where?

MADRID June 17, 18 and 19. Place: Ubuntu, The Tower House. Miralprado Street, 83. 28250


VALENCIA (Pending confirmation)

PAMPLONA (Pending confirmation)

IBIZA (Pending confirmation)

make your reservation

Once you have purchased your coupon, write us an email to reserve a day and time.

if you are interested@ in which we take it to your city or you have a therapy center/room, yoga... or you want more information about personalized treatments of different pathologies, write to us by email

We will be delighted that you are part of this tour!

Sessions and prices


  • Group meditation session with Plasmatrohn.
  • Relaxation with music and frequencies
  • 2 hours duration


  • Customization of your Biotrohn / Plasmatrohn.
  • Individual Plasmatrohn session. (90 minutes)

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