Ultrapure CLO2 generator.

New model of CLO₂ Electrolytic Generator

We present the new model of CLO₂ Electrolytic Generator. Built with better materials that achieve a minimum purity of 99,99% and a much higher performance than the previous model. In addition to improving its component structure, it has been redesigned to achieve a more compact and portable equipment. Integrating the air pump reduces external parts and connections. The control system has been improved to support continuous production at high output. With this model of CLO₂ Generator, 1 liter of CLO₂ per hour at 3000 ppm. 

Ultrapure CLO2 generator

Ultrapure CLO2 generator by electrolysis.

How to make CDS?

Now producing CLO₂ is very simple, you only need osmotic water and powdered chlorite to achieve maximum purity with a concentration of 3000 ppm.

A calibrated current is applied to a chlorite solution and osmotic water. This process is known as electrolysis and manages to separate the CLO2 molecules once the two components have been combined. When the current separates the oxygen molecules, they are free to adhere to those of Chlorine and obtain CLO₂ from maximum purity.  

Chlorine dioxide is known to be a powerful disinfectant, used in the food industry, the water purifiers and commonly used surfaces where the disinfection of bacterial agents, pathogens and viruses is essential. 

Ultrapure CLO2 electrolytic generator

certified equipment

This chlorine dioxide electrolytic generator (CDS) complies with the CE marking regulations, included in Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council.


Our electrolytic generator includes:

1 x Funnel

3 x Tubes

1 x Power adapter

2 x spare plugs

1 x Beaker

1 x measuring spoon

Here is a explanatory video how the ultrapure CLO2 electrolytic generator works. Besides you can find the manual in PDF just below the frequently asked questions, on this same page.

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How does the CDS Generator work?

The concentration of the sodium chlorite solution should be around 10%. This proportion is the most optimal to be able to achieve a 1 ppm solution at 3000% purity in less than 99.99 hour. 

Powdered sodium chlorite is usually 80% pure. If this were the case, 15g of sodium chlorite must be added (you can use our measuring scoop, included in our product, which perfectly adjusts the necessary 15g) in 100ml of to reach a concentration of 10%.

Add the 15g of powdered sodium chlorite, little by little, to the 10ml of osmosis water and stir for between 3 and 5 min, until the solution is completely transparent. Thus we will obtain a 10% solution.

For correct use and optimal results, we will use the funnel to add 100ml (use our beaker) of osmosis water to the water injection compartment.

Then add all of the 10% sodium chlorite solution (110ml) into the solution injection compartment.

After filling both compartments, seal with the caps.

During the process, the color of the liquid in the solution compartment will change to 3 states: Transparent Colorless – Dark Brown – Light Yellow. While on the other hand, the color of the liquid in the absorption bottle will acquire a golden amber color.

When the color of this liquid changes from Dark Brown to Light Yellow, it means that the active ingredients of the sodium chlorite solution have been completely consumed. This indicates the completion of the process and you can now disconnect the electrolytic generator.

Rinse the inside of the compartments with clean water several times.

Fill both compartments with 20-50ml of RO water to keep them moist and seal with the caps.

Use the shorter tube to connect the air inlet nozzle with the gas outlet nozzle to seal it.

Connect the air outlet of the air pump to the air inlet nozzle with the medium length tubing.

Using the longer length tubing, connect the end product gas outlet nozzle to the absorber bottle. The tube should be inserted into the bottom of the absorption bottle.

Use the funnel to add 110ml of RO water and add the solution to the solution injection compartment. After filling both compartments, seal with the caps.

Plug in the power supply to start working. Pay attention to the absorption bottle: there should be continuous air bubbles.

Experiences with the use of the ultrapure CLO2 generator

Real cases


clO2 generator

New model of ultrapure CLO2 (CDS) electrolytic generator
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  • The most natural method to produce CDS
  • 1 liter of CDS at 3000 ppm in just 45 minutes
  • Compact design with integrated air pump.
  • Portable device, easy to use, clean and maintain.

In case you wonder...

Our teams are not clinical, so they will never replace medical treatment. On the other hand, what we have been able to verify is that the people who use it notice considerable improvements in their state of health and value this equipment as an important support in their treatment. 

Yes, our equipment has a 2-year guarantee and we offer repair possibilities if the equipment had a manufacturing fault. Check our return policy for all the information. 

You have a user manual where we explain step by step everything you need to know to start using the Biotrohn. In this manual we expand the information that you will find on our website as well as the steps to follow so that you can start using the equipment as soon as possible. It is available in Spanish and English.

Our prices are in Euros, so if you want to know the price of the equipment in your local currency, we recommend that you visit this online currency converter to make the conversion with the exchange rate in real time.  

To find out the price of the shipping costs, you can add the equipment to the shopping cart, once in the cart, you only have to enter your address for the calculation to be made. To know the shipping costs it is not necessary to register, but you must do so to make the purchase. 

In the box

1 x Generator

1 x Funnel

3 x Tubes

2 x spare plugs

1 x Beaker

1 x measuring spoon

User manual.

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