Liver Cleanse and Biotrohn

I can tell you about my experience 2 weeks ago I did the Clark method liver cleanse week without any medication, only Epson salts (Saturday) and Biotrohn (Sunday, programs 85/86-89-118) Intestinal lavage, 1 day before taking Epson salts and intestinal lavages the following two weeks with CDS and BIOTROHN. I have expelled hundreds of pebbles. […]

groin mycosis

I had a mycosis in the groin last week, the skin in the groin had been irritated for two days, I used the Biotrohn, I did 2 treatments and it completely went away.

Herpes labialis

When the beginning of a blister appeared on the lip, a symptom of herpes labialis, I did a single treatment and the herpes disappeared.

Positive experiences with Biotrohn

With the Biotrohn I have only had positive experiences, I have treated people with lung problems with excellent results. I myself have tried it for some parasites, after 5 sessions I feel very good, I perceive that I have detoxified myself. At first I noticed a slight headache, but I knew it was a sign of […]

Very happy with the chlorine dioxide generator set

Dear all, I am very happy that the chlorine dioxide generating equipment arrived in Chile on time and the follow-up provided by the transport company is very useful. Regarding the performance of the equipment, I consider that it is very effective for the production of the concentrated mother solution of […]

My experience is with the CLO2 generator

My experience is with the CLO2 generator. Its practicality and effectiveness are amazing. I make 5 liters of ultrapure CDS at 3000ppm in 5 150/XNUMX hours with a XNUMXml load of sodium chlorite (half an hour to first purge the sodium chlorite before I start collecting the […]

Confidence in the Biotrohn

I am very confident in the device, I use it daily. I put on detoxification, immune stimulation and various chronic programs. Thank you very much and best regards.

The truth of the Biotrohn

The truth is that the Biotrohn is a device that resembles a good friend that never fails you, always close by. Specifically, you can have it at hand, always at home, when you need it, it is there to help you with any health or well-being situation, in short, to balance my state […]

The use of PLASMATROHN and Biotrohn

Hello, good afternoon. Regarding the use of PLASMATROHN and Biotrohn, I am currently only dealing with the first to better focus on the analysis. Obviously, I am working with those programs that are interesting to me. I must also say that the success in some of them may also be due to the fact that I have taken […]

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