The use of PLASMATROHN and Biotrohn

Hello, good afternoon. Regarding the use of PLASMATROHN and Biotrohn, I am currently only dealing with the first to better focus on the analysis. Obviously, I am working with those programs that are interesting to me. I must also say that the success in some of them may also be due to the fact that I have simultaneously taken the CDS, which will have something to do with the subject. Anyway, I have used programs like 84.- Hemorrhoids only once after a severe attack after eating plenty of spicy food, resounding success. Of course, I have not reoffended in the intake.
I use the 57 a lot.- Knee pain. I had a fall down the stairs resulting in patellar tendonitis, severe inflammation, etc. They wanted to operate on a knee. For now, as the matter is improving, the operation is postponed sine die.
68.- Arthritis. It also acts in conjunction with 57.
53.- Headache. She took advantage of it as an adjuvant to 12.- Sinusitis. I have suffered from sinusitis for a long time. This has triggered, they say, obstructive sleep apnea. Obviously I accompany it with techniques such as nasal washing with water and salt and others, so I don't know if the improvement can be attributed more or less to Plasmatrohn exclusively, everything helps. There has been a marked improvement.
15.- Pulmonary airways. Whenever I drink something cold at night, it triggers a major congestion, it's a problem. This is my header program. I put it in the morning and everything normalizes.
25.- Inflammation.- It has helped me with sciatica pain, it improves it and allows me to sleep.
Well, here we come. I hope to keep improving.
Gracias y saludos.

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