Cholesteatoma in the right ear

I want to share my testimony about Plasmatron and Biotrohn.
I have been living with a cholesteatoma in my right ear for years. A benign tumor that can be harmful to a small or large extent, depending on its size and its evolution, and can cause facial paralysis, dizziness, brain abscesses, and even meningitis.
Due to its complexity in the operation, and not guaranteeing good results, after telling me in the last review that the operation would be convenient due to such a great loss of hearing, I decided to open myself to other options before this one.
The last audiometry estimated 80% hearing loss. After two and a half months of treatment, in the last review I have recovered almost 40%, thanks to this technology.
Not only has hearing improved, but other collateral factors, such as digestion, circulation, and mental clarity.

Science for health. It is worth investigating and understanding that our health is not for sale. If it can be healed in a safe way and without adverse effects, we have to share it.
Thanks to the entire Medalab team and to the years of research that make this possible today.

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