My experience is with the CLO2 generator

My experience is with the CLO2 generator. Its practicality and effectiveness are amazing. I make 5 liters of ultrapure CDS at 3000ppm in 5 150/3000 hours with a XNUMXml load of sodium chlorite (half an hour to purge the sodium chlorite first before I start collecting the gas in the distilled water). Always corroborating with the test strips that the XNUMX ppm recommended by AK is achieved

For me it has been a super plus that I am offering to my relatives because I have had a lot of positive feedback from them, about how mild and tolerable CDS by electrolysis has been compared to CDS activated with hydrochloric acid. Those who stopped taking the acid activated CDS for violent healing crises, I encouraged them to try this new version and they are happy. Thanks to the scientists who designed this treasure and thanks to Medalab for their service, because it was surprising how fast the Generator arrived, since in less than 7 days it had already arrived from Europe to my PO BOX in Texas.

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