First of all, I say that it has been a miracle to have the Biotrohn and we are delighted.

My asthma in the last 10 years became impossible. I spent more than 1 year on sick leave and in the hospital they put me through the extreme cases. They put me on a very expensive medication, a state-of-the-art monoclonal medication.
Coming to South America and losing that medication, I had to take various types of inhaled corticosteroids, as well as oral pills. I mean, a bomb. That's why I bought the Biotrohn.

I tried the “Asthma” program without any results. Then I thought of the disease of the 2st century: candida. I put on the candida program XNUMX times a day (morning and night). By the fifth day he had improved a great deal. I stopped all medication and only take minimal medication now and feel very well.

For me this has been a true miracle. I was really desperate and the best doctors in Spain and Chile only gave me more corticosteroids without getting me out of the problem. A Spanish doctor even told me: "We must accept that doctors do not cure, we remove symptoms."
The Biotrohn has really changed my life.

2. My wife caught a very strong bladder infection 2 weeks ago, urinating blood and with great discomfort. We decided not to go to the ER. She started putting on the Biotrohn and in 5 days she was out of trouble.

3. In addition, he developed Herpes Zoster. The corresponding program was put on and we went to the doctor. He did not understand it because he saw that the herpes was going away without any apparent treatment. I mean, the Biotrohn worked like a charm.

Thank you!


  1. Hello
    I am Martine Lesellier and I live in France. I have reached the biotrohn on November 23, 2022. I am three happy with my right hand, I will be every day ainsi qu'à mon mari. Souffrir depuis 17 ans et depuis que j utilise biotrohn je revis.Nette amélioration au bout de 3 semaines d utilisation. Notre petite fille de 11 ans a un osteosarcoma. Notre fille vient de commander votre appareil aussi affin d'aider Cathy a supporté la chimio et peut être l aider à guérir. Par contre j 'ai un probleme je n'arrive pas à me connecter à mon compte on me met que je n'en ai pas.Coment puis je faire?Pouvez vous m'aider?J ai déjà écrit plusieurs message et personne ne me répond.J attends votre réponse.Cordialement
    Martine Lesellier

    1. Hello Martine,

      Merci beaucoup d'avoir share your experience. Vous ne pouvez pas imaginer à quel point nous sommes heureux de lire des commentaires comme le vôtre. Oui, Biotrohn est un tool puissant !
      What voulez-vous will I say for “you ne pouvez pas vous connecter”?
      Send us a mail to: et nous vous répondrons très rapidement.

      Nous vous envoyons un gros câlin et tout notre soutien.


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